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Nate attended the March break camp and the first thing was he had tons of fun. The second thing I see is as a parent is that he is more confident in his lacrosse skills. Nate is in his third year and the camp improved his skill level at an extremely fast rate. He is having his best year in Field and box since starting lacrosse, and we will be attending as many camps as we can.

Larry Plummer & Nathan Plummer

This past March our sons ages 8 and 10 participated in the three day March Break Thrive Camp. Both boys had indicated shortly after Christmas the desire to play lacrosse this summer. Having never picked up a lacrosse stick, we wanted them to have some exposure before joining a league. That’s when we learned about THRIVE Lacrosse. The THRIVE school provided both boys with foundational knowledge of the sport and an opportunity to learn in a non-threatening environment focused on teaching the basics of the sport and beyond by some of the best players in the sport. We believe it definitely gave them an advantage in starting lacrosse this year! A BIG thank-you to you and your team Kiel!

Steve & Margaret Forbes